A Marriage to Die For


The Story


Jane Phelan knows the odds. Women who leave don’t always survive.

When husband Brock’s abuse turns to physical violence, she drafts a surreptitious plan to escape. She must outsmart her suspicious husband, a DEA agent with exceptional means to find her. With the help of financial resources, Brock knows nothing about, legal services, and a dear friend, Jane inches closer to her escape to a new life.

Does she have the courage? The odds are against her.

Great Reviews

 This is a brilliant and powerful story. One I think many need to read, or even will identify with, or perhaps recognize in the protagonist a loved one or neighbor. Gerri LeClerc shines a spotlight on a silent but deadly epidemic in our suburbs and townhouses all over our nation. A prison with invisible walls, a velvet-lined cell.

With her desire to both warn and educate by the means of gripping entertainment, this tale is a beacon of hope for all whose lives have been scarred by domestic violence.

                                                                                                                --Kathleen Marusak, Editor 


Once I started I couldn’t put this book down, except for necessary breaks. Gerri LeClerc introduced me to a world that is important for all of us to learn. A relationship that starts out idyllic and insidiously transforms into a nightmare. One that can happen to any of us.    --Amazon review


Just when you think Gerri LeClerc’s writing cannot be more gripping, more emotionally pulling, she surpasses her past feats and presents “A Marriage to Die For.”          --Amazon review


A Marriage to Die For takes place in Northern Virginia and Southport, Maine.

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Rocky Coast of Maine


Something about Maine. So far in my travels, the ocean smell is the best anywhere.

Oyster Shells


Purple, any shade, is my favorite color in nature.

Lobster Boat


I would venture to say Maine has the best lobster! But a more picturesque boat than a lobster boat I haven't seen.

Proof Group


These three lovely women proof read A Marriage to Die For.  Left to right: Diane, me, Sandy, and Joni. A lunch thank you.

Titcomb Bookshop


Many famous people have had their pictures taken with Titcomb Book Store's mascot. Some not so famous, too, like me. They also carry my books!

Cover Art and Design


My daughter, Renee, did the cover art for this book, also. But this time, my grandson did the cover design! It was a family affair!