Silent Grace


The Story


Two very different sisters.

One vulnerable but courageous child.

And a year that will change three lives forever.

Connected by love for each other and memories of their father’s cruelty, sisters Beth and Patrice Hensen have taken very different paths in life. When Patrice’s drug addiction interferes with her ability to raise her 8-year-old daughter Grace, the always-responsible Beth assumes temporary custody. Settling into Knoll Cottage, the small home on Cape Cod Beth has recently purchased, Beth and Grace struggle to adjust. Just as their lives stabilize and their bond solidifies, fate steps in with surprises that test their hearts, souls and strength yet again. Readers who have faced challenges that offer no simple solutions or fought to balance family obligations with personal dreams will recognize themselves in this nuanced story of the ways women negotiate the risks and rewards of many different kinds of love. 

Amazon Reviews


Gerri LeClerc has woven her creative magic and lured us again into her second book and the charming warmth of Knoll Cottage. Ms. LeClerc's gift of creativity is evident in her fascinating characters, her intriguing story lines and especially in her syntax, as it rhythmically flows through her pages with great sensitivity, intellect and insight into the human heart and mind.
Ms. LeClerc employs her medical background, intellectual curiosity and dogged research to inform and educate the reader on the subject at hand, in this instance, cochlear implants that may help profoundly deaf children to hear and speak. How wonderful!
This is an emotional read that deals with love, addiction, tough love, deafness and it's challenges, romantic love and heartbreaking loss. It is an inspiring and heartwarming novel where the author's luminous and masterful storytelling shines through, yet again!

--J. Earnhart


 On a summer holiday in Florence, Italy, with my family, I finished my book I brought on the plane. Thinking of my favorite books I have read in the past, my thoughts immediately went to "Missing Emily" which I read last summer and could not put down! I decided to check out Amazon and found the second Knoll Cottage book and instantly decided that this was the perfect book for my 2017 summer break...I downloaded it and had it on my tablet within minutes (I love modern technology!). Well, it met all of my expectations and more, the only problem is that I missed some of Florence because I could not stop reading it! 

 This books strikes every emotion in my being and hits you in the gut and swells your heart. No family is perfect, whether it is family or friends, someone knows someone who has struggled with addiction, abuse or neglect. This book not only touches your heart but brings an awareness that others suffer and struggle...hope, love, commitment, forgiveness, and especially in this case, "Grace" are the things that get us through this thing called life! 

-- A. Stanley


Cover Art


The framed original painting for the cover of Silent Grace

Me and my Beautiful Daughter


My daughter Renee did the cover art for Silent Grace, along with book designer, David Seager.

Book Signing


A second wonderful book launch by dear friends Joni and George.

Critique Partner and Friend


Sandy is the best critiquer, author of several books of her own, entrepreneur, reno star and dear friend!

Two Novels


A great sense of achievement! Two completed and published novels!

Cape Cod Roses


Something about the ocean air breeds the most beautiful roses on the Cape.