Missing Emily


The Story


The riveting journey of two women on a collision course to save their daughters’ lives.

Thea is almost there. In a week, she’ll be awarded her law degree from Boston’s Suffolk University. Her years of work, study, and financial struggle as a single mother are nearly over. She’ll take Emily home to Cape Cod, finally able to give her four-year-old the love and attention she deserves.

Katherine is desperate. All of her wealth cannot save Madison. No donor match has been found for a bone marrow transplant, the only treatment that will keep her daughter alive. Katherine’s last hope is her ex-husband’s illegitimate child, who might be a match. But years ago, she’d made an enemy of Thea, whom she now fears will not consent to having Emily as a donor. Katherine questions how far she will go to save her daughter. What will she do if the child is a match? Or worse, if she’s not.

Some quotes from Amazon Readers


I was hooked by the first few pages and finished reading the first day.”  Diamond Girl

“ . . .a valuable story about life, a story that reflects the ambiguity and the gray areas we  all must deal with.”  Susie

“ . . . beautifully descriptive scenes form a background to a tender, compelling story . . .” B. Ulbrandt

“It's difficult to put this book down, so make the bed, put dinner in the crock pot, silence the phone, then spend the day with Emily!” J. M. Earnhart 

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Cape Cod


My Knoll Cottage novels take place on Cape Cod. This is one of the beautiful gardens on the Cape.

Best Friends


Long time best buds, Joni and George held a book launch for Missing Emily

White Lilacs


Have you ever heard of a lilac tree? The cover art for Missing Emily was created by Donna Green, friend and artist extraordinaire.

White lilacs and Silvered Singles


Nature's touch to a weathered cottage.

Skaket Beach


The ocean is cold on the Cape, but the bay beach can be like bathwater! And the view is splendid.



Nothing like bobbing boats on a foggy morning!